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            Melnick House was established in 1972 with galleries in Yorkshire, Berkshire and Canada.

As art consultants, we offer our services to individuals and companies. We work on your behalf to find art for you. Whether you want an old master painting, a particular named artist or an emerging talent, we can offer you an unrivalled selection.
If you want art for a particular site or venue but would like guidance we can advise on a single space or a complete building.
Following initial discussion of requirements, we can introduce you to appropriate gallery or artists; or make all selections on your behalf according to an agreed budget.

There are many reasons for buying art, unlike buying furniture, office equipment or a new car. Art may convey a theme, a mood, an image, be relaxing, stimulating or provocative.  Art is a visible statement of personal or corporate image.

Should you be investing in art?   Today more and more individuals are buying art as an investment.  Although aesthetic qualities and changing fashions dictate future value, many are now making investment decisions purely on financial guidelines.

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As Art Consultants we can source a wide range of art including -
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